Straight To Sex: Get Laid At Your Place

Straight To Sex: Get Laid At Your Place


Today on DRGS we’re reviewing Straight To Sex: Get Laid At Your Place by Drexel Scott.  First, a little about Drexel Scott.  Mr. Scott is a self proclaimed  “geek turned ladies man” and he outlines in this book how he transformed himself.  He has spent the last 7 years mentoring hundreds of men how to improve their game.  Now, as a married man I did not feel right actually reviewing this product.  So, I allowed my brother Justin to do that for me.   The review below is written by him, but I must inject my opinion in this as well before I let him continue.  If Justin can follow this and get laid, I guarantee you that you can lol.




So I was a little reluctant to do this for my brother, as I’d like to keep my dating/sex life private from my older brother.. but hey, what the heck its all in good fun.. And I might get some tail out of it.


Here is a picture of me before I started the book 2 weeks ago:




Justin first week


lol, I thought I’d make the pic funny.  But in all seriousness, I’m not THAT bad looking and only SLIGHTLY overweight.. right?
Anyways I dove into this book on April 2nd.   The book is pretty short and to the point.  It shines a light on how to think like a woman and act like a man.   The book is really all about confidence and how to “bro yourself up to get some poon”.   I’ve lacked that, and I know that about myself.  This book kind of just hit that home a bit.


The book also goes into how to avoid being used, which I’ve fallen into wayyyy too many times.  I’m always in the damn friend zone.  Yeah I’m funny and a good person, but shit I want some ass too!   There are ways to get a woman to open up about sex quickly, and once you’ve done that unless you’re in the “friends zone with benefits” (which I don’t mind) then the woman knows for sure you arent there to be her friend.


So on to the case study!


After reading the book, it took me about 3 days.. I’m a slow reader..  I decided to start going out and implementing some of the tactics outlined here.   It took me a while to get out of my comfort zone, but once I did I could definitely tell that this guy was on to something!


Day 1:  Went out to bar and approached 6 different woman.  2 had boyfriends, one was fat (i used as a tester) and 2 were flirty but I wasn’t able to get their #(I didn’t ask).  But I did get one number!


Day 2: Different bar, Saturday night.  Approached 10 women.  3 had a boyfriend, I asked one of them with a boyfriend if she was in Love in a joking fashion.. ended up with her #.  I ended up with a total of 4 #s that night.


Day 3:  Texted girl with boyfriend.  We back and fourth’d a few times.  I’m gonna continue to work on this and see where it gets me.  Texted the rest of the girls and setup a date with a girl from day one.  Went on a nice date, but didn’t close.  Went out to the bar afterwards and got 3 numbers.  One was super smoking.


Day 4: Girl I went on a date with 3rd night hit me back wanted to see if I wanted to hang out, but 3 other girls were wanting dates.  Went out to the bar for a little and scoSo that I narrowed it down to one of the day 2 girls as she was hotter and went out with her.


Day 4 night/Day 5 morning:

Had A good night


Day 5 morning, I dropped off day 2 girl (VERY HOT) and had breakfast scheduled with one of this other girl from day 3 (Super smoking chick).  We hit it off very well and had an all day brunch party/night party then:





So does this work? I haven’t been laid in 6 months before I read this book.  If you read this book and apply the lessons, you’re sure to get laid.  I’d like to thank my married brother for allowing me to have sex with all the women!





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